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Gender Research

Women in business: the value of diversity
Francesca Lagerberg, September 19, 2015

Do Women Stay Out of Trouble? Evidence from Corporate Litigation
Binay K. Adhikari, Anup Agrawal and James Malm, August 1, 2015

Board Gender Diversity, Innovation and Firm Performance
Jie Chen, Woon Sau Leung and Kevin P Evans, May 25, 2015

Research: Investing in Women-Led Fortune 1000 Companies
Karen Rubin, February 11, 2015

Women on Boards and Firm Financial Performance: A Meta-Analysis
Corinne Post and Kris Byron, Academy of Management Journal, accepted November 5, 2014

Governance Issue Report: 2014 Survey of Women on Boards
MSCI, November 2014. Governance Issue Report: 2014 Survey of Women on Boards

Diversity Matters
Vivian Hunt, Dennis Layton and Sara Price, November 24, 2014

Climb to the Top - Tracking Gender Diversity on Corporate Boards
Andre Chanavat and Katharine Ramsden, Thomson/Reuters, October 2014.

The CS Gender 3000: Women in Senior Management
Credit Suisse, September 2014

Gender Diversity and Securities Fraud
Douglas Cumming, T.Y. Leung and Oliver Rui, July 24, 2014

Does the Gender of Directors Matter?
Mariam Schwartz-Ziv, Harvard University - Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, May 7, 2013

Women on Boards Report
House of Lords, European Union Committee, Women on Boards 5th Report Session 2012 – 2013  

Gender Diversity in the Boardroom and Firm Performance: What Exactly Constitutes a 'Critical Mass'?
Jasmin Joecks, Kerstin Pull, Karin Vetter, University of Tuebingen, Social Science Research Center, 2012

Gender Diversity and Corporate Performance
Mary Curtis, Credit Suisse Research Institute, August 2012

Women Directors on Corporate Boards: From Tokenism to Critical Mass
Mariateresa Torchia, Andrea Calabro, Morten Huse, 2011

A Business Case for Women
Desvaux, Devillard-Hoellinger and Meany, The McKinsey Quarterly, September 2008

Sex, Trust, and Corporate Boards
Joan MacLeod Heminway, Hastings Women’s Law Journal, April 15, 2007

The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards
Catalyst, 2007

Critical Mass on Corporate Boards: Why Three or More Women Enhance Governance
Vicki Kramer, Alison Konrad, Samru Erkut, 2006

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